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Ali Bin Abdulhadi Kaiyal lawfirm and legal consultancy

Ali Bin Abdulhadi Kaiyal Law Firm is one of the professional companies that occupies a brilliant name and a prominent position among legal services companies and offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where it was established according to high standards to provide a wide variety of legal services through an integrated team that covers everything that serves The interests of our valued clients in the financial, business, trade and investment sector. The founders have taken a close commitment to represent clients and clients in a professional manner, with a focus on specific business and legal fields, while serving traders, business owners and economic activities starting from the establishment of entities and covering all their legal needs with legal advice and representation Before the courts and committees, and the end of liquidation and bankruptcy proceedings if they suffer financial stumbling or instability, thus being guided by the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Legal Services

Take charge of bankruptcy cases (such as financial reorganization and preventive settlement).
Liquidation of companies, protection of partners' rights and termination of all related effects.
Resolving "local - international" commercial disputes by activating the role of mediation and negotiation.
Participation in committees entrusted with researching legal and legal matters related to establishments.
Drafting and reviewing all types of contracts, agreements and internal work organization regulations.
The liquidation of the estates and the completion of all its procedures of inventory, division and distribution.
Pleading before courts, commissions and committees of all kinds “commercial – public – labor”.
Initiating lawsuits and memoranda of all kinds and submitting objection to judgments by laws.
Writing case sheets, memoranda and objectionable bylaws for all judicial authorities and committees.
Attending meetings that require the presence of a lawyer or legal advisor.
Establishing and structuring entities and setting adequate guarantees for the conduct of their work and protecting them from risks
Studying the legal needs and setting the necessary mechanisms and guarantees to protect the rights of companies, establishments and businessmen.
Attending the meetings of the partners’ and shareholders’ assembly and drafting the minutes of the partners’ meetings and decisions.
Vision:Excellence in the legal profession and the provision of leading legal services in accordance with justice regulations and standards.
Message:Providing a legal and justice environment that meets the clients’ needs and aspirations through a distinguished and integrated team that combines experience, strength, honesty and a spirit of brotherhood. Kaiyal Advocates and Legal Consultants seeks to be one of the leading professional companies in its field.


  • Justice
  • Clarity and transparency
  • Good communication
  • Fulfil the promise
  • Strength and Integrity
  • Discipline
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Professional
Company's clients
The company has a wide range of major clients and companies. The company covers their legal needs and fulfils their requirements. However, in line with our professional obligations to maintain confidentiality of information and customer privacy, we do not disclose their names except after their consent and to the extent required.

Team Work

The company includes a distinguished elite of lawyers and legal advisors whose skills and practical and scientific experiences are integrated in the interest of clients and the completion of work, and they are:
Lawyer / Ali bin Abdul Hadi Kaiyal
the company’s president

The company’s president, holds a bachelor’s degree in jurisprudence and its origins from Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, and his original specialization is in commercial, labor, legal, arbitration, and consultancy issues in both Arabic and English.
Legal Counsel / Mohamed Abdel Hamid Nafeh

Holder of a BA in Law from Ain Shams University, and his original specialization in legal advice for companies and establishments, commercial and criminal cases, and arbitration.
Legal Counsel / Osama Hamad Al-Hamad

Holds a master’s degree in regulations from the Higher Institute of the Judiciary (the institute concerned with the graduation of judges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), and his original specialization in human rights and labor issues, arbitration, providing legal advice, legal structuring and determining legal needs.
Lawyer / Sahad Al-Fahad

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Law from Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, and her original specialization is in commercial and labor issues, providing consultations and working on alternative solutions to settling disputes and drafting contracts and memoranda.

King Abdulaziz Road, Al Muruj, Riyadh 12282, Saudi Arabia

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Ali Bin Abdulhadi Kaiyal Law Firm is one of the professional companies that occupies a brilliant name and a prominent position among legal services companies and offices in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
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